3 Alternatives To Mood Altering Drugs For People Dealing With PTSD

If you're dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, and you are hesitant about using pharmaceutical drugs that look to alter your mood and relieve the mental anguish, then you should consider alternative, non-drug related therapies. Below is a list of three popular therapies that you can investigate. A trained psychologist will help you through a series of psychological exercises aimed at relieving the damage of PTSD. Prolonged Exposure Therapy The idea behind prolonged exposure therapy is that the patient repeatedly relives a traumatic event, and in doing so they learn how to lessen the traumatic feelings associated with it.

Can You Treat Psoriasis With Medical Marijuana?

If you are one of the many Americans who suffer from psoriasis on a daily basis, you may be curious about the potential of medical marijuana to solve a problem that traditional medicine has struggled to answer. Medications meant to stop the pain and itching of flaky, crusty skin often come with potentially debilitating side effects and may only provide short-term relief. Although further studies are needed, the interaction between cannabis and skin disorders like psoriasis appears promising, and combining medical marijuana with your current treatment plan may provide better results than you have ever seen before.

3 Reasons To Ask Your Doctor About Mindfulness Meditation

Studies have consistently found that mindfulness meditation has beneficial effects on a range of medical conditions. If you suffer from a chronic condition that is negatively affecting your life, ask your doctor about using meditation to alleviate your symptoms. Chronic Pain That Is Not Alleviated With Medication Studies of patients with chronic pain, such as that experienced in diseases such as lupus or fibromyalgia, find that meditation decreases both the intensity and frequency of their pain.