How To Use Your Healing Crystals In The Home

If you want to change and improve the energy in your home, try using feng shui crystals. Crystals can be used as a tool to increase the flow of good energy through the home, while also resolving any "bad chi" that could be present.   

So, how do you use crystals? Where do you place them to improve the feng shui in the home? 

  • Position the appropriate crystals in the congruent area. For instance, if you want to improve the family's health and well-being, place quartz crystals in your bathroom, where they all enter throughout the day.  
  • You can wear crystals to carry their healing energies with you, wherever you go. For example, if you travel frequently and want to maintain safety on your journey, wear a protective black tourmaline pendant or carry a tourmaline stone in your pocket.  
  • Use your crystals during meditation, setting intentions for what you want the crystals to help with. If you are looking for love, state your intentions while meditating or praying, while holding or sitting near a chunk of rose quartz.  

An important thing to remember is that your feng shui healing crystals need to be cleansed periodically. This involves placing them outside in the sunshine to soak and recharge. Also, set a healing crystal routine that you practice regularly for the best results.  

Here are a few ways to use feng shui healing crystals in the home: 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystals are a great crystal to improve the joy and harmony in your home. This crystal can be used with other gemstones to enhance the impact of both, offering clarity and boosting the well-being of those who live there. Some feng shui experts suggest putting a piece of clear quartz in the kitchen, specifically the refrigerator, to enhance the nourishment and flavor of the food.  

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz brings a sense of peace and calm to the home. It also invites love into the space. Those looking for love might place a piece of rose quartz near their own personal, intimate areas of the home, such as the bedroom. Or wear rose quartz to draw love to you. There is an earthy element to rose quartz which coincides with a comfortable, cozy home.  

Smoke Quartz

Smoke quartz helps overcome difficulties or problems. It represents a sense of protection that is well-suited to being placed near the front door or entrance to the home. For example, hang a smoky quartz pendant or stone from a string or cord and hang it in a window or door frame to keep the negative energy out.  


Hematite is a dark, mysterious crystal that provides strength. Hematite is said to help with clarity, wisdom, and concentration. This would be an excellent feng shui healing crystal to keep near a workplace or in an office for better focus and productivity.  


Amethyst is one of the most popular feng shui healing crystals. It helps remove stress, worry, and strife—which makes it an excellent addition to the home. Place your amethyst in the center or hub of the home, where many pass by, to absorb and deter negative energy. Amethyst also contributes to good rest so an amethyst cathedral or geode near the bed may help you sleep better too.  

Use these tips to improve the good chi in your home, while also setting intentions for the space. These feng shui crystals are widely found online or in local gem shops, but make sure the crystals have been cleansed, to get rid of any residual energy before use.  

Contact a local crystal service, such as Starseed Crystals, to learn more.