Online Reiki Classes - Mind, Body, And Soul Healing Principles

Reiki is a Japanese healing process that involves channeling energy to a person in distress. Reiki uses gentle hand motions to heal the mind, the body, and the soul. This ancient form of holistic healing can aid those who are hospitalized, grieving, or enduring a mental setback that has resulted in them feeling despondent and pessimistic.

Online Courses

Reiki is occasionally offered in hospital and dental office settings. It is also offered through therapeutic services that a holistic practitioner provides. Anyone can learn the art of Reiki, simply by enrolling in an online course that is taught by a licensed Reiki practitioner. An online course may utilize a video platform. The platform will connect a student with their instructor and other students who are interested in this form of healing.

To perform this type of healing, the healer must channel their energy and use their hands to transfer the energy to the person who is receiving the treatment. The hand movements may consist of moving the fingers and palms close to the person being healed. There may be some light touching involved, which will induce relaxation and a sense of well-being.

A person who receives a Reiki treatment session may describe their experience as calming. An online course will provide the opportunity to practice Reiki from the comfort of home. A practitioner will teach a student how to focus on the person who is being treated. This includes scanning a person's body, meditating, and moving the hands in a rhythmic manner.

Long Distance Healing Sessions

A certified practitioner of Reiki may have the knowledge necessary to provide long-distance healing. Upon taking an online Reiki class—such as Meditation and Reiki with Peggy Gaines, RN—and becoming certified, an individual may want to take their Reiki skills to the next level. They can learn how to channel their energy and provide healing to someone who doesn't live nearby. This type of healing is performed through a telephone call.

Affirmations, concentrated energy, and some Reiki tools are used to help someone who is suffering. Reiki hasn't been proven to cure any ailments, but it has been noted that this type of holistic healing has benefited many people who were suffering from an ailment or a mental block. Reiki can help someone remain in a relaxed state of mind. As a result, the individual on the receiving end may notice a reduction in pain, a clear, focused mind, and an increased appetite.