Tips For Using CBD Massage Oil

If you want to give your partner an even more enjoyable and luxurious massage, you can consider using CBD massage oil. CBD is readily absorbed through the skin, so by massaging the skin with this oil, you can help alleviate your partner's anxiety, relieve their pain, and promote better sleep. However, there are a few tips you should always follow when using CBD massage oil.

Start with clean skin. 

CBD massage oil is typically formulated with carrier oils, which are intended to help carry the CBD into the skin so it can be absorbed. If there are other compounds on the skin when you apply the massage oil, they could end up being absorbed along with the CBD, and they might make it less active. So, it is always a good idea to take a shower and wash your skin with gentle soap before CBD massage oil is applied.

Plan on relaxing afterwards.

A massage of any type can help you feel more relaxed. A massage with CBD is going to make you feel really relaxed. So, make sure your partner has time to dedicate to relaxation before you massage them with CBD massage oil. It's a good idea to give them a massage before bedtime or on a weekend afternoon when there's nothing urgent to do.

Start with a small amount.

Most CBD massage oils are made with really slick oils that offer lots of lubrication. So, don't apply a big squirt of oil straight off the bat. Doing so may just waste product and make a mess. You are better off starting with a small amount, working that into the skin, and then adding a bit more CBD oil after that. Check the label of the CBD massage oil, too. It may have more specific instructions as to how much you should use.

Give the massage on a sheet or towel.

A lot of CBD oil has a greenish tint to it. This is a natural consequence of the hemp extract it contains. It can leave a bit of a stain on fabric. So, to avoid staining and ruining items you care about, consider having your partner lie down on a sheet or towel — one you don't mind staining with massage oil — before you massage them.

Giving someone a massage with CBD massage oil is a great way to help them feel better and show that you care. With the tips above, you can both have a great experience.