The Benefits of Individual Relationship Therapy

When you hear the term "relationship therapy" you probably picture two people going to therapy together. And often, this is how relationship therapy takes place. However, many therapists also offer individual relationship therapy. In these sessions, the therapist works one-on-one with the patient to improve their relationship awareness and skills. While it may initially seem odd to attend relationship therapy without a partner, there are actually a lot of benefits to this approach.

1. You'll have an opportunity to talk about past relationships.

Do you ever find yourself lying awake at night, thinking about your past relationships, and wondering what went wrong? This is really common, and it does not mean there is anything wrong with you. It can be really beneficial to go back over your past relationships and contextualize them with the guidance of a therapist, and this is something you can do in your individual therapy sessions. Working through your past relationships is a good way to learn about your relational shortcomings so you can improve upon them and enjoy better relationships in the future.

2. You'll learn how to set boundaries.

All healthy relationships have boundaries. However, many people do not know how and where to set boundaries. How do you tell your mother you're uncomfortable with her stopping by without notice? How do you tell your brother you're not comfortable with him talking about certain topics in your home? A therapist can give you strategies to help you set healthier boundaries with others in your life, which may be tough at first, but will give you peace in the long run. 

3. You can talk openly about your partner.

If you are currently in a romantic relationship, going to individual therapy gives you a chance to talk openly about them. There may be things you do not feel comfortable saying about them with them in the room, but that you can say when you're alone with the therapist. The therapist can then help you work through issues in your relationship, thanks to this level of honesty. They can tell you how to better respond when your partner says certain things. They can also give you skills to help you better relate to your partner.

Going to relationship therapy alone is not nearly as strange as it may initially sound. There are so many benefits of discussing your current and past relationships with someone who is specially trained to offer guidance and support