RAIN: 4 Issues Cannabidiol Lotion Helps Manage

When you first come across cannabidiol lotion on a pharmacy or health food store shelf, you may assume it is a remedy for dry skin. And while CBD lotions can help ease dryness, this is only one of many issues people are using these topical products to help manage. A handy way to summarize the key conditions CBD lotion can help manage is with the acronym RAIN. 


If your skin is red, applying CBD cream can help with this. Skin redness is usually a symptom of inflammation. This inflammation can be a response to almost anything, from cold weather to excessive sun exposure. CBD is really helpful at reducing inflammation. And as it does so, it can help take the redness out of your skin. CBD lotion can also help if you have redness due to an underlying skin condition like rosacea. It's not a substitute for any medications you're using to treat your condition, but it is a good supplemental treatment to ease any redness your other treatments aren't quite alleviating.


You may be surprised to learn that CBD can ease arthritis pain when applied topically. But actually, CBD penetrates deep in the lower layers of the skin, where the nerve endings lie. When it reaches these nerve endings, it can help make them less active, which reduces the number of pain signals they're sending to your brain. So, rubbing CBD lotion on arthritic joints can help ease the pain and stiffness without you having to take oral medication.


Is your skin rashy or irritated from exposure to something you're allergic or sensitive to? Rub some CBD lotion on the area. It can soothe and calm the irritation, putting an end to the itching, flakiness, and other symptoms. It works well for mild cases of poison ivy and eczema. 

Nerve Pain

As mentioned above, CBD penetrates the outer layers of the skin and interacts with your nerve endings. And this is how CBD lotion helps manage nerve pain. If you have a condition like complex regional pain syndrome or lupus, rubbing some CBD lotion on the areas where you are experiencing nerve pain can really help.

So, the next time you need to use 1000mg CBD lotion, just remember the acronym RAIN. This lotion is pretty widely available, and it's safe and easy to use for redness, arthritis, irritation, and nerve pain — among other issues.