Canned Air: A Movie Prop Turned Real Product

A lot of fake products in movies have become a reality. Whether they were made into gag gifts or real working products depends on the movie prop's practicality and popularity. Take canned air, for example. This was a joke product referenced in Spaceballs. It is now a very real product, with some very real and very practical uses. 

Now, you can get all kinds of pure canned oxygen supplements, both online and in natural health care stores. Before you can question the products and their potential benefits, here are the benefits of these new, and very real, "air in a can" products. 

Peppermint-Flavored Air in a Can

Peppermint is a very soothing herbal supplement. It awakens the senses while helping people relax from stress. If you inhale a can of peppermint air, you are also clearing your sinus passages of particularly foul sulfide odors and problems with inflammation. Your breath will also be fresher for it, since your nose and sinuses empty down the back of your throat and the peppermint air will flow that way. 

Oxygen for High Altitudes

Not everyone can be a Himalayan Sherpa. They can breathe at heights in the mountains that would probably starve everyone else of oxygen. However, you can buy a six-pack (or more) of oxygen in a can and keep it in your backpack as you climb higher and higher into mountains anywhere in the world. Additionally, if you are a jet pilot, it helps to keep some cans of emergency oxygen in your pilot emergency pack for those times when your pilot's mask is suddenly not working. 

Air for the Smog-Ridden Citizens

As Spaceballs points out, a planet without air and full of smog is not a planet that lets anyone breathe. In the U.S. alone, there are several major cities where the smog can get so bad that smog warnings are given, and people tend to not venture out of their homes unless they have to. If you purchase canned oxygen, you can at least breathe when you move from your house or apartment to your vehicle or the bus, and then from the vehicle in which you are riding or driving to your place of employment. Take a few cans a day with you during high smog times so that you are inhaling one every time you leave a building or a mode of transportation and go outdoors. 

For more information, contact companies who have pure canned oxygen for sale.