The Best Ways To Protect Your Essential Oils

Essential oils are very cost-efficient aromatics, but that initial outlay when you buy a bunch of organic oils can be a bit of an eye-opener. So, of course, you want to preserve the oils that you haven't used yet. Because the oils can be fairly delicate (even seemingly strong oils can lose their fragrance if you don't store them correctly), you need to look at all of the characteristics of the area that you've chosen to place the bottles.

Keep Them Away From Sunlight and Heat

Most importantly, you should store your oils away from sunlight and heat. Light and heat will destroy those oils very quickly, so if you live in a region where not a lot of homes have air conditioning but summers get hot anyway, you need to find a cool, dark cabinet or even a place in the refrigerator for essential oil storage.

You don't necessarily have to store the oils in the fridge. However, you do want a consistent temperature that is fairly cool. If you can't count on the cabinets in your home to provide good storage conditions for the oils, then the fridge is an option.

Do not decant the oils into clear bottles. As the original bottles become emptier, it can be a good idea to move the remaining oil into a smaller bottle. But those new bottles still need to be dark. Brownish or amber glass is perfect, and you can get extra storage bottles at health food stores.

Ensure the Cap is on Securely

Always, always ensure the cap is on securely. A misaligned cap does two things: it lets the scent out, creating a mingled odor that might not be something you want to smell in your kitchen, and it allows the oils to lose potency. Lavender, for example, is a lovely scent when you want to relax, so you don't want it wafting into your home office from a partially closed bottle. You need to keep the caps on tightly.

Watch Out for Rubber Stoppers

Try to store the oils in bottles with plain caps. Rubber stoppers may not always be airtight, so air can get in and degrade the oils over time.

Your certified organic French lavender essential oils can remain good for use for a long time with proper storage. Keep checking them occasionally to ensure that you have only the freshest and most potent supply on hand.