Create Your Own Essential Oils Kits

Essential oils have been all the rage lately. If you are ready to use this natural method to improve all facets in your life, then you need to create your own essential oils kits. By purchasing the right oils, you can have natural materials to use for health and wellness, medical needs, and cleaning. Below is listed some of the best oils to collect to create custom essential oils kits for each of these important areas. 

Health and Wellness

Improving your health and wellness is a great way to feel better and live life to the fullest. Some great oils to have for these purposes are as follows:

  • Vetiver: This is an oil that can help you focus more. It allows your mind to not stray and can help your concentration. 
  • Melaleuca: Depending on which brand you purchase, this can be called tea tree oil as well. It works great to eliminate acne, and is a very effective mosquito repellent.
  • Lavender: Lavender is a gentle scent with some powerful effects. It can help you relax and sleep deeply, and also soothes burns and bruises.

Medical Needs

While essential oils should never be seen as a way to avoid medical treatment when needed, they can offer a natural remedy for certain conditions. The following oils can work wonders for these purposes:

  • Peppermint: This oil can open the airways. It is great when used during colds or to help relieve asthma attacks. It can also be used to loosen up tight muscles.
  • Frankincense: There is a reason it was so valued in Biblical times. Frankincense oil can relieve pain and can stop muscle spasms.
  • Ylang Ylang: Aside from being fun to say, Ylang Ylang can stop swelling and eases cramps. 
  • Helichrysum: This oil is like magic. It can slow bleeding from open wounds, and also keeps infection from setting in. It definitely belongs in custom essential oil kits. 


If you are tired of using abrasive chemicals to clean your home, then you can create your own essential oil kit for cleaning. These oils should be diluted with water, and can leave your home clean, free of bacteria, and smelling amazing.

  • Lemon and other Citrus Oils: Lemon is one of the best oils to have on hand for cleaning. It sanitizes the home while making everything smell fresh and vibrant. Any citrus oil will work well for this. Orange, bergamot, grapefruit, lime, and anything else belonging to the citrus family can be used to clean with. 
  • Oregano: This oil has a strong scent that not everyone loves, but it has an amazing disinfectant quality. It is really good to be used when your home has had sickness in it.

There are so many other oils that can be used to create your own essential oil kits for these purposes and others. Hopefully this gives you a good list to begin your steps down this natural and healthy path, and for more information, you can talk to a professional at Davina Wellness.