Important Facts About Vitamin D3 For Vegetarians

For the person eating a strict vegetarian diet, making sure you get enough nutrients every day can be challenging. Many of the body's functions depend on a daily balance of vitamins and minerals, one important one being vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 helps to protect your body from various diseases while also helping to reinforce and build bone strength. Finding out more about vitamin D3 is essential for you to maintain optimum health while eating a vegetarian diet.

Calcium Absorption Depends On Vitamin D3

Your bone structure depends on calcium for healthy density and strength. If you do not get enough vitamin D3 each day, your body is unable to efficiently absorb calcium, an issue that can lead to problems like bone fractures. Choosing a calcium supplement that is fortified with vitamin D3 is a good idea, especially if you normally eat a vegan diet and do not get outdoors in the sunlight every day. Your body turns sunlight into vitamin D3, making it important to get outside on a regular basis.

D3 Supplements May Be The Best Way For Vegans

The number of food sources containing vitamin D3 is few, making it even harder on vegans. Foods like egg yolks and fatty fish are a couple of foods you can eat that contain vitamin D3. For a vegan, these foods are off limits, making it even more challenging to ensure their daily recommended amount of vitamin D3 is met. Choosing a D3 supplement is a good idea, but also eating foods like fortified grains and juices is important as well.

Being Careful Not To Overdo It With Vitamin D3

If you choose to supplement your diet with vitamin D3 supplements, being careful about how many foods you eat fortified with vitamin D3 is important. Too much vitamin D3 in your diet can lead to medical problems like kidney stones. If you worry about getting too much vitamin D3 from sunlight, you can rest easy: your skin is smart and will halt the conversion of sunlight into vitamin D3 once it knows you have had enough. Supplementation is the area you will need to maintain careful judgment about when it comes to vitamin D3.

You can get the recommended daily amounts of nutrients you require as vegan through dietary supplements. However, before you decide to take any type of supplement, speaking to your health care provider about it is vital. Always make sure you discuss with your doctor about changes you are considering in your diet. By doing so, you can rest assured you are taking the right steps for maintain good health though a strict vegetarian lifestyle.

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